• Gabriel Levin - December 18, 2002

My name is Dr. Randall Levin from Wisconsin. My father served in the 2nd Division after enlisting. Though he mentioned that he was in the battle of Tarawa, he really rarely spoke about his experience other than he manned a BAR.

Unfortunately, he passed away in 1997, but right before there was a piece on Tarawa put on by the History Channel, and I called him up to watch it. He said that that was where he fought and that was all.

When he died I spoke to someone who thought that they recalled seeing his name mentioned in one of the books about the battle. I researched as many of the books that were available and didn't see his name.

After researching more about the battle and finally finding that he was in the 2/6 (finding correspondence noting that he was on the USS Bell). I now know about what he did during that follow up battle of Betio. I then found out about this book.

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