• Edwin James Davis, Pfc - January 16, 2006

I found your website on Betio and was pleased to discover more info as to 2/6 ( the “pogey bait 6th”) on your site.  Sherrod and Lane covered the lagoon with great journalism skills but no one went in with the “condom fleet,” or lived to tell about it.  Everything I've read is after action reports.  A thousand men and I couldn't read about my uncle.

I did find an article from my cousin, Mike Davis, who I haven't seen or talked to since 1965!  He is prouder of his dad than I am in awe.  As a kid, he was always bigger than life; I loved going to his house in the country and bar-b-quing.

I sent my uncle, Edwin James Davis, Pfc, USMC, a copy of Robert Sherrod's book a few years before his passing.  He was thrilled to find that his name was written in annals that were really horrific and, honorable.

I wish I could have talked to him more.  He did relate going in with Jones's group and knowing Amey, who died in the cove.

The reason I’m writing is to see if you still have contact info on my cousin Mike Davis?  It’s been a long time and I don't have clue where he is!

Richard T. Davis
Westland, Michigan

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