John V. Desmarais

My dad, John V. Desmarais, served with the 2nd Div. Leathernecks on Tarawa. He told us kids many stories about the 2nd Marine Div. He was consequently wounded on Tarawa during the battle there. Our dad led a long and good life after he was mustered out of the Marine Corps due to his wound. He married our mom in Detroit, Mich., and he and mom raised 10 of us kids. Dad passed away in May of 2001. We miss him very much. I always had a special feeling in my heart for the men and women from World War 2. You guys stuck together and saved the world. I really mean that. All you guys are very special to me. I served my combat time in South Vietnam, US Army, 1967, 1968. With all the bickering going on in Washington, DC lately we could all take pause and remember you guys who stuck together and fought so valiantly for the entire world to survive. You guys will always be my heroes. Thank you very much for your courage and patriotism.

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