Rear Admiral Erl C.B. Gould, USNR (Ret)

I read your book Tarawa—the Aftermath with considerable interest. Your first hand accounts were fascinating. My connection with Tarawa is through my grandfather, Rear Admiral Erl C.B. Gould, USNR (Ret). Then Captain Erl Gould was the C.O. of ACORN 14 and as such the 74th Construction Battalion and CASU served under his command. Given that your book's title includes the words "aftermath," I'm puzzled that you devote so little space to the purpose of capturing Tarawa, i.e. the construction of Hawkins Field and its use as a patrol base and an emergency field for fleet carrier aircraft. I was also saddened that you never mentioned ACORN 14 which earned the Navy Unit Commendation nor Captain Gould who received the Legion of Merit for getting Hawkins Field operational in two weeks. - Erl Gould Purnell (aka Puck)

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